Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breath-taking Views in Pakistan

I found the mountains of Pakistan to be spectacular and breath-taking. With friends who live there, I was able to travel to the areas where the earthquake of a year and a half ago did the most damage. Over 20,000 people are still without adequate shelter and our friends are helping to distribute housing kits (pictured). These provide for everthing needed to construct a modest house for a medium size family. I was also able to look at a site where our friends would like to start a clinic. All in all I found my first visit to Pakistan to be a wonderful adventure.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Street Kids with Addictions Seminar

I felt so privileged to be asked to go to Zambia, Africa, and do vision casting for church leaders and others regarding the church's response to street children with addictions.

It was obvious to all that this is a challenging ministry with few easy answers. There was, however, such an awesome presence of the Lord in our meetings together and at the end of the sessions, I felt led to call for commitments. Almost all of the attendees raised their hands to indicate that they were ready to do something to change the situation for these little ones who live on the streets and use drugs to ease the pain and hunger.

I sure will appreciate your prayers for these amazing pastors and lay church members as they carry this charge to touch the lives of these hurting kids.

Compassion Forum

"It's the best seminar I've ever attended," reported one of the participants.

This August, the first-ever training for missionaries who work in compassion ministries was held. I had the privilege of chairing the planning committee. I had always hoped that we could offer training in basic principles of offernig compassionate care to the people we serve around the world, and this year it became a reality.

Included in the seminar were subjects that dealt with child care, HIV/AIDS, economic development and many other subjects. As topics were presented, missionaries would break into regional groups and discuss how these subjects would best work in their part of the world. We hope to make it an annual event.

It is amazing to how Assemblies of God World Missions is making a difference in "whole person" needs of individuals around the world.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mongolia - Fire Bible Translation Dedication

What a joy it is for me to be in Mongolia for the first time. I am so excited by the event that I am here to witness. The Full Life Study Bible, often affectionately named the "Fire Bible" has been translated into Mongolian. This has been a four year process and today for the first time, it was shown to the Mongolian Christians and dedicated to the Glory of God. A prayer of dedication over the Bible was done which was so moving and then each pastor present was given a copy of the Bible.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Through the years many of you have heard me speak or write of my dear friend and co-worker Peggy Johnson. We worked in Zaire together and then joined HealthCare Ministries at the same time. When the office was located in Florida, we had a couple working with us by the name of John and Evelyn Knutti. About four years ago, Evelyn passed away, and last year Peggy and John reconnected. On February 18th, they were married. Though losing Peg as my co-worker and housemate has been difficult, I am so happy for her as this has been a life-long desire. John is a wonderful man and is the perfect choice for Peg. She will remain at HealthCare Ministries for now, meaning she will still be in Springfield for awhile—so nice for both of us.


What a joy it was to travel to Trinidad a few weeks back to participate in an HIV/AIDS training of trainers seminar with the Latin America and Caribbean team. It was also a joy to connect with Pen Del missionary colleague, Sam Mayeski—a long time friend.
We were so happy with the number of people that turned out to this training and even happier that there seemed to be some in the group that were adamant that the church will make a difference in the HIV crisis of their country. I am, as always, convinced that the only real answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is hearts transformed by Jesus. Thus all of our teaching, training and materials speak of hope found in a relationship with the Lord.

Friday, June 17, 2005

School of Missions

Exhausted exhilaration is my best description for concluding my first School of Mission as the ISM director. It was so great to have extended interaction with our candidates who are joining the International Service Ministries team. We also had candidates and veterans together for two and a half days of regional studies. The spirit of the school of missions was beautiful and I came away feeling elated about being part of this great missionary family.

My dear friend and colleage for many years, Peggy Johnson, received her appreciation clock for 37 years of service. What a great model and mentor she has been for me all of these years. She continues her work with HealthCare Ministries.

My next overseas work will be in Zambia in September. I will be teaching the second module of HIV/AIDS training in the Bible school there. I'll appreciate your prayers. Just prior to that I'll attend the Cutting Edge conference on Children at Risk.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

JoAnn with Royal Ranger Leadership

JoAnn wRangers LR
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Stoic witnessing subjects!

JoAnn on bench LR
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Well, it sure looks like my attempts to witness to these two fellows fell on deaf ears...!

Royal Rangers in Finland!

I’m writing from Iso Kiro, the campus of the Pentecostal Bible School in Finland. The school has over 300 students enrolled and uses the Global University Curriculum for its degree program. It seems that every country I visit is using Global curriculum in one way or another.

In my role as director of International Service Ministries, one of the ministries which I have the privilege of overseeing is Royal Rangers International. I must admit that going into the meeting that I am presently attending here in Finland, I had little knowledge of the enormous impact of this program around the world. Admittedly I am the first woman to ever serve on the board, yet I find it fitting as I’ve learned that two thirds of the RRI programs worldwide have girls as well as boys as Royal Rangers.

RRI is now in 70 countries of the world and is having incredible impact on the lives of the boys and girls it reaches. Almost all who come into the program who do not know the Lord, accept Him as savior. Many are filled with the Holy Spirit at the camps. I am at the site of the Eurocamp that hosted 4,000 kids in 2003.

RRI is yet another wonderful tool that God has raised up to touch the lives of children for the Kingdom and, in my opinion, which has the potential to literally turn entire nations to Christ

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Global Student Encounter

I wasn't sure what to expect as I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to meet with over 1,500 student leaders and delegates from around the world. A group, of which I am now head, the Commission on Student Ministries, had organized this meeting with the goal of bringing students from around the world into the 'revival fires' of Argentina.

For some of the students, especially those in more restricted access areas, this was their first exposure to Pentecost as we know it.

Many of the students were filled with the Spirit and are taking a fresh and renewed vision back to their countries and the groups over whom they have influence.

For me, it was a beautiful time of spiritual refreshment, and I felt a God-ordained opportunity to prepare my own heart for the many challenging tasks ahead in my new role as Director of International Service Ministries.

HIV/AIDS Training

It is my privilege to be able to continue heading up the Global AIDS Partnership Team for HealthCare Ministries. We have developed some wonderful AIDS awareness and intervention materials, such as the Soccer AIDS brochure. Peg Johnson and I have trained several different groups in HIV/AIDS awareness and will continue to offer that type of teaching around the world.

I truly believe that the church is the most probable instrument to turn the tide of this tragedy around! Please continue to pray for our efforts and success.

Thank you for your continued support!

I am so grateful for our partnership. Though my role has changed somewhat, I am still a missionary relying on your prayers and financial support. Thank you for your faithfulness in both areas—you are vital to my work in missions!